Final Project Update

I am in the process of uploading all of my scanned sources to my computer and blog. I just have to make sure  that I do everything correctly so that it will show up no matter who accesses my blog. I have not run into any problems, yet, that have slowed me down. I like using WordPress and I think everything will come together just the way I want. It is very easy to organize everything the way I want to present it. I think my final project will be interesting and informative and that the class will enjoy it,


Final Project Update

I’ve successfully finished my project. All I really have to do now is double check that all my links are working and that everything runs smoothly and I’ll be ready to turn it in. I’m excited to present it and walk through the site with everyone as I think it’ll really look good.

Project Update

I have been doing more research on my project and I am fairly confident that the sources I have selected over the process will suffice for this assignment. I am not fully versed in how to create the sight, but I will be looking over the tutorials once more. I have made some minor adjustments to my page, like changing the background picture, changing the font, and changing the theme. Other than that, there is not much to report. I have my plan and my material. All I need to do is learn how to manage my site better and go through with the project.

Project Update Post

Even without access to my blog page, I have planned out exactly how I want things to be organized on my page. I have also been to Special Collections a few times and am in the process of digitizing all of my sources including photographs, letters, and other documents I will use. I am going to highlight the aspects that go with the stereotypes of Appalachian people from 1860 to 1920 as well as show how the family I am using doesn’t necessarily fit those stereotypes. I have several different sources I am using for my project and I think everything will come together the way I want, as long as I don’t run into any serious problems linking the digitized works to my page.

project report

Just like many people I did not get too much accomplished over break mainly due to working at the mall crazy hours.  However, I have done alot of relation between moonshine and other aspects that are popular from this nowadays (NASCAR, ABC stores, etc.)  I am working on finding more sources yet am trying to put a link for a rebellious twist for the website which will describe lots of government avoidance tactics used by moonshiners of the past and today

Project Progress Report #3

Well I procrastinated mightily over the break and didn’t do nearly as much work on my site as I’d hoped I would. However, I’m still over half way done with it and so don’t anticipate any last minute mad html coding. Right now the most frustrating thing is making sure all the images and other media I use is uploaded to a sharing website (like imgur) and that my links that lead to those images are all correct. Also, because I have so many interconnected pages the links that lead to each page have become a little tricky to follow, but I’m getting there. Overall I’m happy with where I am with this project, I think it’ll turn out very nicely

Oral History

The link to Oral History in the Digital Age is up. Choose a couple essays from the many options and read for this week.

Also you can download Audacity, which we will be demoing this week, here.

To work along with the tutorial, use this MP3.